Monday, August 30, 2010

Week One!

We made it through our first week!  Baptism by Fire!  The water pump finally arrived and was connected on Friday!  HALLELUJAH!!  That first shower felt so good!  We’ve managed to keep smiling  in the midst of a fuel shortage, which transferred into a shortage of rations.  A little gaiety and laughter go a long long way.  I brought a skirt with me, which my mother had originally brought back to the States from Zimbabwe.  It was so beautiful.  I presented this gift to Diane, who immediately put it on!   I made Eddo Curry (check out the new recipe under our Karanambu Recipes) and Salvador made Roti and we all of us dressed for dinner and had a lovely evening.
Re-thatching is a real art and a fascinating process. We have had a serious problem with bats in the roofs of the cabin.  Before we got here Diane began have the roofs re-thatched. Because the river is so high, the men were able to easily reach the leaves needed to re-thatch 4 houses. 
It’s a craft.  

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