Friday, August 20, 2010

Ministries and Meetings

We haven't stopped running since we meeting after another.  The bank, the tour operators, the introduction after another.  The responsibilities for managing Karanambu encompass a tremendous amount of responsibility.  Our working relationships reach from Georgetown all the way to  Lethem and include every phase of operation and management.  

We are excited and exhausted.

We met with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  We were very prepared...with 6 copies of all of our documents.  Even she had to laugh!  "You folks are really prepared!"  With a little bit of luck we will be able to move forward from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Ministry of Revenue by the end of the week!

Salvador hasn't been in a government building in Guyana in 30 year, so when we went to apply for our driver's license he didn't remember the dress code requirements and he went in short pants and flip flops.  Well, this is not the DMV in New Jersey! No sooner had we arrived in the line and Salvador was asked by the policeman to leave the property and wait outside, because he was dressed inappropriately.  I asked if it would be permissible to go in and apply for both of our licenses.  The police officer allow me to.

So after 4 days of meetings, we finally were able to have an evening to relax.   It was so great to have Father Malcolm Rodrigues, (Salvador's cousin and one of my favorite people) and Shirley join us for dinner at Cara Lodge.
 just to relax and laugh and talk.
It was a great night, but tomorrow is another day of Ministries and Meetings.

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