Friday, September 3, 2010

Kwaimatta, Massara and the Peace Corp

This has been a very full week.  Dr. Lucy and Jermaine Clark, who is the regional Peace Corp representative, were both here with us all week, so we were able to really focus on some new Karanambu Trust activities.

Our first stop was the village of Kwaimatta.  Kwaimatta is a neighboring village on the boarder of Karanambu.  The Singer Sewing company donated a straight stitch sewing machine to the women’s group of Kwaimatta.  Salvador and I had managed to pick it up in Georgetown and bring it in on the plane.  So off we went…Diane, Jermaine, Lucy, Salvador and I, to make our very first visit as the new management team of the Karanambu Lodge and to present Salvador as the new coordinator of the Karanambu Trust (

Andrea setting up the new Singer Sewing Machine!
Andrea showing the Women's Group of the Kwaimatta the new Singer Sewing machine
Our next trip, the following day was to Massara village.  Again, a neighboring village to Karanambu.  We met with the community and discussed the needs of the community and the support they would like from the Karanambu Trust and the Peace Corp.  There is a tremendous desire to have Peace Corp. volunteers come and teach skills that will allow the members of the village to become more self sufficient. We were also keen to let the members of the community know that we had job opportunities at Karanambu Lodge.
on the way to Massara

When we returned to Karanambu, Auntie Doris was in the kitchen squeezing limes from our lime tree.  When we asked her why the girls weren’t helping, she said, “The young girls don’t like to do this.”  Andrea went into the kitchen with Auntie Doris and said, “GOOD!  Only really women can squeeze limes” and the two of them began to squeeze all of the limes together.  They laughed and talked and pretty soon all of the girls wanted to come and help.  “NO!  This is not for girls!  Only real woman can squeeze limes”.   Then they decided to use the fresh tart lime juice to make something very special.  So together the two “real women” made fresh LIME MERINGUE PIES! (Check out the new recipes under the Karanambu Recipes at the top of the page)

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