Monday, August 16, 2010


We arrived this morning!  We walked down the steps, getting off of the could feel and smell the air in Guyana, sweet, thick.  We got our luggage rather easily and going through customs was very agreeable...our paperwork was in order and before you knew it we were cleared and exiting the airport!  All of a sudden, Salvador said, "There's Di!"  And sure enough, 6:33 a.m., Diane as waiting for us to greet us and welcome us..."I wanted you to feel loved!" , she said. And we did!  We headed back to Cara Lodge for breakfast with Paul and Di.  A quick recap of all the news and then we agreed to meet for dinner.

We brought presents (of course!)....for Paul (the Irishman), brother Jonathan sent down a T-shirt that he had made....a bright Irish GREEN with a shamrock in the middle, which said: KARANAMBU, sounds Irish to me!!!  And a lovely caftan for Diane. But tonight was the special special treat!  
Yes, we brought all kinds of delicious STINKY Cheese!  Diane's favorite! It was SOOOooo GOOD!

 We had such a lovely time
Diane wore her new Caftan, and looked WONDERFUL!
Paul & Diane
Our meetings begin tomorrow morning bright and it's off to bed!
Wow, we are really here!

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