Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cousin Tim Mew McCartney comes to Guyana

Tim Mew McCartney, is technically Cousin Tim Mew's (Cousin Maggie's brother) grandson Timmy!  We knew he was coming to Guyana, because Maggie always keeps us up to date on all the news!  She told us he was coming to make a movie here.  You can't imagine what happened....

Andrea was in Georgetown for the THAG (Tourism Hospitality Association of Guyana) Executive Board meeting. She had just been elected Vice President of the Association. 
Madame Vice President
She had tried to get in touch with Tim.  They exchanged a few emails, but the timing just didn't work.  His work schedule and her meetings were just too crazy, so they had just about given up. 

Andrea was in the Board Room of the Ministry of Tourism. The Executive Board was meeting with the Minister of Tourism, The Honorable Minister Irfaan Ali. The Minister's secretary came in with a note for the Minister.  He read it and nodded his head.  His instructed his secretary to "Bring them in".  Minister proceeded to explain to the Executive Board that we had a film crew in Guyana filming a new movie about a couple from L.A., who decided to move off the grid to Guyana.  At which point about 10 young film makers, crew and actors walked into the Board Room.  They had just come from filming with no time to change.  Andrea looked across the room and saw Tim. She had never met him before, but recognized a young Salvador and she immediately knew who he was.  She couldn't stop grinning, because he was dressed in a black sleeveless vest, short pants, tattoos and bead and HAIR! All she kept thinking was, "How on earth did they ever allow him into the Ministry with our Guyana dress code very much IN FORCE!." 
Salvador with his Mom
Timmy with Andrea
Minister asked that the Executive Board introduce themselves. First, Mr. Shaun McGrath - President, then looking straight at Timmy, Andrea said, Mrs. Andrea de Caires - Vice President!  "NO WAY!!!!" he yelled!  And the Minister turned to Andrea and said, "He family to you??"  She replied, "Yes Sir, he most certainly is!!"  Minister slapped the desk with a laugh and said, "Boy, you got family here????"  She responed with, "Technically he is
Salvador's first cousin's grandson." Everyone laughed. Andrea and Timmy were able to spend a few minutes together and he promised to try to come into Karanambu.  

Timmy arrived that Saturday Morning. We had the most wonderful time....old friends from the first moment!!! 
He took some amazing photographs of life at Karanambu!
We took him to see a Giant Anteater
The Cattle
The Savannah
Savannah Grass
Savannah Tree
Slaughtering on a Cattle Ranch is a way of life
Child's play

We took Tim on the River
Into the Ponds
he captured all of the details
and the beauty and the light
 Tim also brought his drone helicopter 
and took some amazing shots over Buffalo Pond!!
Can you find the boat in this one???
It was an amazing visit.  A new connection, that didn't seem new at all!!!  
We can't wait for the next time!!

xoxox  Thank you Timmy