Sunday, February 20, 2011

Karanambu Trust meets at Karanambu!

For the very first time, the members of the Karanambu Trust held their meeting at Karanambu. There was great excitement in the air as we greeted Dr. Lucy when she arrived from the States.  Dr. Lucy Spelman is the Secretary of the Karanambu Trust, she is also an internationally renowned wildlife veterinarian, but most importantly, she is our very dear friend.  Lucy has been coming to Karanambu to help Diane with the wildlife for the last 15 years.
Diane & Dr. Lucy
Major General (retired) Joseph Singh, the Chairman of the Karanambu Trust arrived the day before the meeting. To many here, he is not only a role model, he is a hero. Rarely do you meet someone whose kindness matches his intelligence, whose commitment and work ethic set the bar for others to follow. We are so fortunate to have Joe leading our team!
Major General Joseph Singh addressing the communities

Sydney Allicock is the liaison for the local communities in the North Rupununi.  He is also the Chairman of the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB). Sydney too is recognized as an extraordinary leader and example of true commitment and dedication to his community, his heritage and to a sustainable future.   He recently was named the 2010 Anthony Sabga Public and Civil Contributions laureate.
Sydney Allicock
The other distinguished members of the Karanambu Trust who were unable to attend in person, Dr. Godfrey Bourne, Father Malcolm Rodrigues, Patrick McTurk, Michael McTurk and Mary Stefanini joined us by skype. 

We began with a briefing to the local communities on the mission of the Karanambu Trust and the progress that has been made in the last 5 months since we arrived on site.
We discussed how to preserve and protect these beautiful Wetlands and the Savannah of the North Rupununi.  We called upon both the Elders and the Youth to work closely together.  Uncle Fred Allicock, one of the original pioneers in conservation in  the Rupununi, attended the meeting and spoke directly to the youth about the need to protect and care for the 125 square miles of Karanambu.
Diane & Uncle Fred
 We toured Salvador's Garden and very proudly showed off our produce!
Then we went on to the Volunteer Housing which is  being completed in preparation for the arrival of the Peace Corps Volunteers.

As we waved goodbye to our guests, 
we were energized, filled with  pride, enthusiasm 
and optimism; committed even more deeply to the preservation of the North Rupununi Wetlands, Savannahs and the Wildlife that live here.
2 Jabiru Storks on the Sandbank
Jabiru in Flight
 Our two orphaned Giant River Otters at play
Philip & Belle
And our very own Hero
"The Best Cherisher of the Beloved Beasts"