Sunday, August 15, 2010

Going Away Parties

We are almost ready...almost, but not quite.  Every time we turn around there is just one more thing to do and the exhaustion is kicking in....

We took the old computer into the Apple store for a "tune up".  They said it would be ready by Friday, Saturday at the latest.  When we called, they had no record of it!  "WHAT?  How is that possible?"  Did we have the receipt???  Oh God, who can find anything in this pile of papers?  Well, we searched and searched and searched....and called Apple back and told them we didn't have it....It was just at this point that the main sewage pipe to the house backed up in the basement!

Don't know how we managed to keep our sense of humor, but we did, amid the panic.  The plumber came and cleared out the tree roots that were blocking the main line.  Andrea started to clean up and grabbed the bag of stale bagels...just as she was about to throw them out, she looked in the bag...the Apple receipt was at the bottom of the bag of bagels....go figure???

We had several going away parties, filled with good wishes and great food and a sense of excitement!

The Garden Group, affectionately known as the "Dirt Diggers" had a beautiful party to wish us well.  Last minute garden instructions and lots of laughs and fantastic food!  Thanks Linda for such lovely evening!

The next party was at Mark and Luz's home....such fun!!

So many friends came to dance and laugh and say good-bye

But we have no pictures of the real tears and the forever hugs...The day in New York with Andrea's Mom, and daughter Jonathan and daughter Emma....or tonight with Marion and Marcella, as we finished packing and waited for the car to come to take us to the airport......or the one last "I love you phone call" to Shannon!  BUT....WE ARE OFF!  And the Adventure has begun!!

More tomorrow from Guyana

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