Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend with Jake and his Mom & Dad

This weekend we went to visit Grandson Jake and his Mom and Dad. 

Much to our surprise, Lou (Jake's Dad) has been following our Blog and he had a zillion questions about Guyana and Karanambu...what we are going to do there and where we are going to live...we all stayed up late talking and laughing and explaining!!  It was good fun!

In the morning we headed off to the Garden CenterWe wanted to find a very special flowering plant for Jake.
Something that would bloom every year just when Grandma Boo Boo and Uncle Salvador would come home to visit.  So Jake will know when we are coming back! We finally found a beautiful dark pink "Native Hibiscus". 

Jake and Uncle Salvador planted the dark pink flowers right in front of the house under Jake's bedroom window.

When they were all finished planting, Jake watered the flowers....he promised to check them every day and watch for the flowers.

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