Saturday, July 17, 2010

Buddy Buddy Buddy...Fish Fish Fish!

I can still hear Salvador calling Buddy..."Buddy Buddy Buddy - Fish Fish Fish".  This is an old picture...but nevertheless it shows the bond between Salvador and his boy Buddy! Buddy is an orphaned Giant River Otter, who is also BLIND.  Until today, he lived at Karanambu under the loving care of Diane and the Karanambu Trust.  Salvador and Buddy became very close during our stay.  Otters are so bright!!  They are called "Water Dogs" in Guyana.

Under normal circumstances Diane's goal would have been to release him into the wetlands. But this is not always possible and Buddy's injuries threatened his survival.  So today, with the help of several specialists from the Jacksonville Zoo, in Florida (where Larry, Margaret, Samantha and our Sammie live), Buddy made the long trip from his old home at Karanambu, by charter flight, to his new home at the Jacksonville zoo.  Talia, the volunteer from Australia, who we got to know very well when we were there, and who has cared for Buddy these past few months, accompanied him on his journey.  She said Buddy was a real CHAMP.  He really handled the trip well.  She'll send pictures soon of Buddy adjusting to his new habitat.  We also understand that he has a girlfriend waiting for him!  Poor Salvador was a total wreck all day waiting to hear any little bits of news on his boy Bud!  Tonight, no messages, we heard directly from Talia..."ALL GOOD!"

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