Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grands & World Cup!

Jake comes to Grandma Boo Boo's House

This is the hard stuff...Jacob is 3 1/2.  He is Andrea's grandson.  He LOVES to come to "Grandma Boo Boo's" house.  She always does Art Projects with him, gives him bubble baths, cuddles with him in bed and makes him yummy snacks.  This is probably the last visit to Grandma Boo Boo's house.  Jake and Shannon and Lou live 2 1/2 hours south in New Jersey.  We'll go visit them for a weekend before we leave...but this is Jake's last visit here.
We made some amazing Art Projects.  A car with wheels that really turned and an airplane, just like the one Grandma Boo Boo is going to take. And we made Christmas ornaments for Jake to hang on his tree when Grandma is in Guyana.
Great-Grandma came out to visit and she stayed overnight too.  In the morning Jake showed his Art Projects to his Mom and his Great-Grandma.
Fortunately, it was the FINALS of WORLD CUP!  So there wasn't too much time to cry!

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