Friday, July 9, 2010

Seeds of Change, Lisa and Shukuru


I'm getting my seeds together. The Seeds of Change catalogue. The seeds are organic and I will let some turn to seed so I can collect them and always have seeds. The flowers will reseed freely as well. No Monsanto. Looking for varieties that can take the heat and do not bolt easily, especially the lettuce. Some things I will have to grow in the shade. Going to try basil. The regular basil, as the basil in Guyana is a very strong tasting and does not work for Pesto. Hope it works. One that I will try in the shade. Took a lot of time to go through everything, but its done, just for the planting.
Every now and then someone comes into your life at just the right time and provides you with exactly what you need, just when you need it.  Lisa is just that person.  Lisa has been a very close and dear, dear friend of Salvador's for years.  They share a passion for Gardening and a passion for living life! Two years ago, Lisa and her husband Tom relocated to Paris.  They sold their house (and her beautiful garden).  They left behind adult children, siblings, parents and good close friends.  But they jumped in and they took the chance to seize a once in a lifetime opportunity.  They are back in town for their son's wedding and today Lisa joined us for breakfast.  Having Lisa visit us today was such a gift...she has been exactly where we are...she was just what we needed, in the midst of all the madness, to remind ourselves that moving to Karanambu is a once in a lifetime opportunity...JUMP IN!

As Lisa left Elroy arrived.  Elroy is the manager of Laparkan in New Jersey. He told us that our container will be arriving on Thursday, August 5th and they'll come pick it up for shipping on Monday, August should take 3 weeks to get to Georgetown...WHEW!...better get back to packing! 

Perfect timing...Shukuru called from the bus! 
Shukuru has been a friend for 30 plus years.  She lives in California now, but she met Salvador originally in Guyana and he told her that she must meet Marion when she returned to the States.  She did...and she and Marion and their families lived in the same building in Brooklyn for years.  It's a long, lovely relationship. After hours of talking and sharing pictures, Shukuru took us out to dinner to celebrate our marriage and the future!!! It was a very special evening. 

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