Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Websites, Car and Sweetie

Every day is packed with so many decisions and so much to do. Thinking about "Sweetie" has been a constant.  What are we going to do with our loving girl?  

But this morning, our attention is on the Karanambu Websites.  Bright and early, Mark came over for breakfast to help us with the design for the new sites.
The challenge is to convey to our guests the romance of the Rupununi pioneer lifestyle, and at the same time provide all the necessary information.  We will also be linking the Karanambu Trust website, (Salvador is the Project Coordinator of the Trust) and the Karanambu Lodge websites together.  Dr. Lucy has been working feverishly these past few days to provide us with the appropriate text and pictures for the Trust website.  It's a huge project, but very exciting!

As soon as Mark left, it was time to move on to another decision...

We have almost come to the conclusion that taking the car is a mistake. It's a GREAT car...we love this car...BUT it has all the fancy computer features and if something happens in the middle of the Savannahs, there really would be nothing we could do and we would be in big trouble.  It might just be better to get a Toyota Hilux when we get there, like everyone else.  That way there will always be someone around who can fix it.  Tough decision, but we did put the ad on Craig's List and we've parked the car in front of the house and put the FOR SALE sign on it!  So far 15 people have contacted us about the car!  WOW!

But lingering in the back of our mind remains finding a home for our SWEETIE.
She really is the very best cat.  So loving and gentle.  She needs so little attention, but gives so much love.  The problem is she is an "Old Lady" and so no one really wants her.  She is very healthy and jumps HIGH on top of the kitchen cabinets to keep a watchful eye on her family and protect us.  I so wish we could take her with us, but it just wouldn't be fair to her.

If some one is looking for a loving, very affectionate, friend, please let us know.

Back to work now!  So much to do!

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