Saturday, September 25, 2010

FINALLY - The Container!

At long last, after 2 weeks in town, we received our container!!! 

Jocelyn, was very kind, and allowed us to unload everything at her place and store it there until we could make arrangements for another truck to take it all into Karanambu.
It was so strange to see all of our things from New Jersey being unpacked. We had forgotten most of what we packed! But it all went back into storage under the house.
It was really nice to see familiar things. We kept laughing as we tried to imagine where all of these things would go at Karanambu??

We had been told that the road to Karanambu was so bad that we would surely have to wait until October or November to try to bring everything in...but within a day or two we got a call saying that the arrangements had been made and our driver and his BIG truck from Lethem had arrived in Georgetown.

So...almost as soon as everything was unpacked, it was time to pack it up again! 
We were quite worried about the road into Karanambu and the 3 mile bush.  But the crew just spoke to us on skype and they are ALL going out to clear the road and greet the truck and make sure that everything gets home safely!

So, this time, everything will go all the way home to Karanambu!  

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