Wednesday, September 8, 2010

walking to the airstrip?

Royell had said that the landrover was giving trouble.  But he was up at 5:30 a.m. and off by boat to try to fix it. 
It had taken a week to get the seats to Georgetown, because the road was still closed, so everyone  had to go by plane into town.  When we finally caught up with Royell there were pieces of the engine all around the ground. He was busily putting it back together.  
Then, in the far distance we heard the sound of the plane coming!!!! We started off at a brisk walk...Salvador laughing as I took off in front "setting the pace".  I heard him say, "Slow down, take your time....plane gone". 
But I was on a mission.  We needed to get into town, we had things to do and the seats on the plane were hard to get.  The mid-day sun was blazing when started off on the 2 1/2 miles to the airstrip. But we did it!  (No one was more amazed than I was, that I got there first!) When we got there, of course the plane was gone.  But fortunately for us, the pilot was Gerry, Duane's 1st cousin and Salvador's old friend.  Gerry had seen our names on the manifest and figured that something was wrong, so he flew on to Lethem and then stopped back at Karanambu to pick us up. As we flew back over the Broccoli of the Rain Forest I thought to myself, "We need a new Vehicle!  This cannot become a regular event!"
Once in town, at our home away from home, Cara Lodge, we were treated to the luxury of ICE and a lovely suite with AIR CONDITIONING.  And all of a sudden The Rupununi seemed very far away.

Soon it was back to Ministries and Meetings.  Running around like two crazy people, trying to get everything done.  The container did arrive, but it is a whole process to get it cleared...days and days.  We did have some really great meetings with new vendors who will help us bring supplies into Karanambu. Tomorrow we have 500lbs of goods going on a charter flight!

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