Friday, November 9, 2012

Making Farine!

You may remember a year or so ago when the girls here at Karanambu asked me if I wanted to learn how to make Cassava Bread!! 
This morning, Benita and Auntie Doris came and asked me if I wanted to learn how to make Farine!!! 
Farine is a staple food made from cassava.
They warned me that making Farine is a lot of hard work! 
 But I had NO idea how hard!

Fortunately Vanessia had already peeled and grated the Cassava. Auntie Doris told me to take the cow fat on the cloth and wipe the hot stove top, then she handed me a paddle and she handed me a bowl of the grated Cassava to put in the middle of the stove top.  She instructed me to stir continuously so the cassava would not burn.

I asked her how long we would stir the grated Cassava."WHOLE DAY!---"WHOLE DAY???" --- "WHOLE DAY!"  As she handed me another bowl of grated cassava to add to the stove top

It is very hard work, but it is also a time to talk 
and catch up with each other.  
You laugh and talk and STIR!!!
Benita's kids all came to watch. I think they were making guesses as to how long
 I would last!!
FINALLY!!!  Vanessia stepped in to give me a break!!
But Auntie Doris didn't stop, she kept going!  
When I asked her how she able to keep going, she just laughed and said, "But this is not my first time!"
 It is a HOT HOT fire underneath that stove top!
 And you have to keep the grated cassava moving 
or it will burn!

In the almost three years that we have been here, 
I can honestly say that each day 
is a learning experience.  

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