Thursday, October 25, 2012

RAM Guyana

What a month it has been!!  The Remote Area Medical Team, RAM Guyana were in the North Rupununi for 10 days.  Diane is a Director on the Board of RAM Guyana. They made Karanambu their home base. 
They came by vehicle,

they came by plane and did as much medicine as they could in 10 days!

Dr. Jim, an Emergency Room Surgeon, has been to Guyana numerous times in his role as
 a RAM physician.
 Nurse Kathy, a surgical nurse specializing in double transplants, was welcomed and loved by everyone.
EMT Paul has been all over the world
 providing assistance in the midst of 
natural disasters.  
This trip was a joy in comparison.
The group was led by Patrick de Groot,(left)
Chairman of RAM Guyana
Dentist Atkinson Daniels of Annai, joined the team
Grover also joined the team to reassure the kids
They traveled by boat to some villages
They walked in on foot to others
They camped by the river
They bathed in the creek
And saw over 1000 patients
Katoka Village
Kwaimatta Village came to the RAM clinic
 at Karanambu
And nothing stopped them
REWA Village
In the midst of all of this we had a medical emergency at Karanambu.  The medical team was at Yakarinta when we received a radio call that Tedroy, the 8 year old son of Beverly & Valentine both on Karanambu staff, had fallen at school in Yupakari and received a broken arm and it was serious. The bone was exposed. We could not reach the RAM team.  So we got on Skype on our computer and put a call in to Nurse Marcian Gravesande and Terrence Trappnell the RAM pilot.   Marcy guided us through all the precautionary steps.  In the meantime the Healthcare worker in Yupakari was able to stop the bleeding and bandage the arm.  

Tedroy was brought back to Karanambu and the following morning at 7:30 a.m. the RAM plane landed at Karanambu with Nurse Gravesande aboard to take Tedroy into Georgetown for emergency surgery.
Tedroy waiting for surgery at 
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Georgetown, Guyana
Four hours later one bone was plated, 
the other wired
 One week later, Tedroy flew home to Karanambu
The cast will come off at the end of November.  The pin will come out at the end of December and all will be well.  He has full use of arm and his fingers!!
Without RAM Guyana, 
life would have been very different for 
8 year old Tedroy Mandook.


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