Thursday, December 23, 2010


When we arrived at Karanambu in August, one of the very first projects that Salvador had in mind was new staff housing.  He wanted to improve the existing housing and add on a new house.  Salvador and Diane walked and talked and sketched and designed the placement of this new house.  Together, they dreamed a little and made plans for future projects too!  The next step was to meet with the Board of Directors.  THEN the building began and so did the excitement   The goal was to get it finished in time for Christmas! 
 Built in the same Karanambu style with bricks made and fired right here!
Harold arrived! Harold is a longtime worker and friend of Karanambu from the village of Massara who has helped Diane in the past build buildings at Karanambu!  The excitement continued to build…just as the house did.
Everyday you could see the progress!!!
And each day Christmas was getting closer!
We decided to have the staff party in the new Staff house!  
1 - 2 - 3 the house was completed!
And it was such fun!  We hung Christmas lights, which Salvador and I had brought from the States. We gave out funny awards!
Diane’s read: “The Best Cherisher of the Beloved Beasts”
She promptly hung it up in the main house!
Everyone received one….one funnier than the next.  We exchanged Christmas presents and hugs and joy.
It was all Good Fun!
And we officially opened the New Staff Housing!
Just in time for CHRISTMAS!

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