Wednesday, December 15, 2010

City Girl, have you adjusted?

Guests at Karanambu frequently ask me the inevitable question, "Have you adjusted yet?  This must be such a change for you.  After all, you are such a city girl".   After 4 months I can laugh about it and honestly say, "I am getting there". I remember so clearly the very first guests that we successfully transferred from Karanambu by boat to Genip Landing. Salvador and I were elated!  We did it!  Everyone got where there were supposed to be and on time!  Yea, us! Right? 
WRONG!  Diane looked at our smiling faces and said, "But your hands are empty Love."  It took me a minute to understand.  You see, because we are so isolated at Karanambu, you must always take advantage of every trip in and every trip out to bring in supplies.  Even if you think you have everything...think again! No one ever comes into Karanambu without bringing, eggs, ice, fresh veggies, fruit. 
Although it is true, we do get our fish right out of the river...and our beef, is organic, home grown...and Salvador has planted a kitchen garden, and many of our vegetables and fruit do indeed come from that garden.  Even so, we are still so very grateful to our neighbors in Yupakari.  Every time we go there or they come here, they always make sure to provide whatever they have. BUT there are countless other things, like flour, sugar, rice, toilet paper, soap powder, cooking oil, etc. etc. etc., and all of these things must come all the way from Georgetown, and it's a process...
We have a very good friend, Gavin, who been of such tremendous support to us.  We send him our "wish list", he arranges to have all the items picked up and packed up and put on the big Intraserve Bus which leaves Georgetown at night and arrives in Annai the following morning.  The boxes are then dropped off in Annai with another very good friend, Colin, who takes those boxes by vehicle to Genip Landing where our boats are waiting to either pick up guests or drop them off.  We then pick up the supplies and take them by boat, 1-1/2 hours back to Karanambu.  

So in all honesty, the most difficult thing for me to adjust to (other than missing my daughters and my Mom) has been the inability to just run out to the store to pick up something for dinner.  You really have to plan everything. And most importantly, you don't dare run out of anything!!

The heat, the insects, the limited electricity...none of these things have been as big an adjustment as the logistics of it all!  But we are learning everyday, step by step, laughing all the way...we're getting there, thanks to the best teacher of them all, Diane!

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