Friday, October 15, 2010

R.A.M - Remote Area Medical

We are settling in and learning so much each day!

RAM Remote Area Medical is a service which provides medical care and emergency care for those in remote areas, such as ours. 
Click here to see their website:  RAM  

We are in touch via skype and email.  Today, I received a message that one of our girls was scheduled for a medical procedure. The plane would be landing before lunch.  I went to discuss it with her and her husband to make sure that it was still ok to go ahead with the plans.  Once I received their permission, I emailed back their request for the baby to travel with her Mom.  Terrence (the RAM pilot) was able to stay in touch with me as he flew. “I’ll be there in 17 minutes, landing at the small airstrip”. 
And there was Great excitement when we heard the plane coming.
We all stayed and watched her board, with her baby. 
Everyone waved as the plane took off….
 and then, it was back to work!

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