Saturday, October 30, 2010


Every morning Diane has a ritual, after breakfast, she takes a few slices of Auntie Doris's homemade bread.  She tears them gently into tiny pieces and sprinkles milk and sugar over them and feeds this mixture to the Red Capped Cardinals.
So today, Auntie Doris had 2 loaves of bread which she was getting ready to give to the animals, because she wouldn't consider serving the guests bread that wasn't made the same day,   I said, "WAIT!  We can make Bread Pudding for dessert."  The girls had never heard of Bread pudding...but I started to make it...I got the big glass bowl and started to tear the day old bread...I mixed the milk and sugar (butter, egg and spices, dates and raisins) and began to make my bread pudding...the laughter began..."Oh, but Auntie, you are making BIRD FOOD PUDDING"...when it was done and the whole house smelled of that delicious smell, we served it up for the guests in true Karanambu style with "Lashings of Creme"...the girls just could not control themselves....because these guests (all 12 of them) were BIRDERS...and they were eating "Bird food pudding".
You can find the recipe for Bird Food Pudding 
if you click on Karanambu Recipes at the top of the blog.

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