Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sammie, Bennie, Sweetie and MushMosh

Figuring out what is best for each of the animals has not been easy...our first instinct was to take everyone with us.  We even talked to Dr. Lucy about what to do. Then we started to think about what was best for hard to do.  The cats were easier...Mushie is going to live with Tahl and Bennie will live with Alissa....Sweetie, (she is her name, SWEET) we are still working on ....BUT Sammie, how could we leave Sam? He has been such a good friend for so many years, how could we possibly leave him? But he would be so unhappy at Karanambu, he's a long hair Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the original "Lap Dog"...When Larry (Salvador's brother) and Margaret and Samantha were here, we were obsessed with what to do. Larry said, "why not bring him over so we can meet him".   The next thing you knowSam was curled up next to Margaret...following Samantha around and going for a walk with Larry!  By the next day, he was boarding the plane to Florida with them! He is now living the life!  He is HAPPY and healthy and well loved. Margaret & Larry & Samantha have been so great!  Samantha skypes with Sammie on the computer so we can talk to him and Margaret calls to give us an update on everything he is doing.  He is one lucky puppy!!!  And so are we, because we know he's happy and we haven't lost him, he is still in the family!

Lounging by the pool

ON SKYPE with Samantha

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