Monday, June 28, 2010


Dr. LUCY and TARO arrived last night for a visit!  We were so excited to see them and hear all the news!!! Lucy had just gotten back from Karanambu.  She had been there with a group of scientists from the Shedd aquarium in Chicago.  For the last 15 years or so, Dr. Lucy has been working with Diane and the Giant River Otters, traveling to Karanambu several times a year.  Dr. Lucy Spelman is also the secretary of the Karanambu Trust. She also happens to be a world-renowned zoo and wildlife vet...and our friend! (Lucky, Lucky US!)  You can check out her website  at

We sat up to all hours talking, talking, talking...there is just SO much to do!  But how wonderful for us to have such tremendous support from someone as knowledgeable and enthusiastic about our new adventure! 

TARO is Lucy's beautiful, loving companion.

We got up early and picked up right where we left off!  Finally it was time for Lucy and Taro to head home to Rhode Island.  But before she left, Lucy treated our cat Ben, who had been in a cat fight and had been injured! 

We'll see her again before we leave
AND Lucy is coming to Karanambu again at the end of August!!

We are so lucky!!  Thanks Lucy!!

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