Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We first met Alisa, when we  arrived at Karanambu in January, 2010. She was 15 years old at the time.  She had her eye on a young man from Massara Village, Guy Brown, who was making clay bricks at Karanambu.  I can still remember Alisa saying, "See that boy? I am going to marry him!" Alisa Mandook Brown was born at Karanambu.  Her father, senior birder, Kenneth Mandook, was also born at Karanambu. Alisa's grandparents and the entire Mandook family have been apart of Karanambu from the very beginning. So when Alisa came to us and asked us if Karanambu would host their wedding, we were all excited. 

The last wedding that took place at Karanambu was her parent's wedding.  So this was truly a special occasion!
The students who come to Karanambu every January from the University of Missouri, St. Louis were here and they jumped right in, 
decorating and helping with everything! 

Thank you so much guys!!
Alisa wished for a real wedding gown, with a cathedral veil!  Our dear friend Polly Rothstein, who has been coming to Karanambu for 20 years heard this wish and and magically the most beautiful dress appeared. Aunty Susie who is a supreme dressmaker, made all of the alterations by hand. And the dress fit perfectly!
The day of the wedding was filled with excitement.  Alisa and her bridesmaids all got dressed in our house.  The giggles and laughter as we put on make-up and perfume. 
Miss Arianna got all dressed up in her purple flower girl dress!
There was such excitement as the crowd outside was growing!
And then it was time...
Kenneth escorted his daughter the Bride to meet the Groom
Guy's sister escorted him to meet his Bride
And the wedding began
The papers were signed
Vows were made
Rings were exchanged
Alisa's father Kenneth brought Andrea a rough diamond which he had been saving for many many years.  He asked Andrea to take the diamond to Georgetown and have a wedding ring made for his daughter.  Andrea took the diamond to our friends at TOPAZ Jewellers. The wedding rings made by Dominc Gaskin, Master Goldsmith!  A Guyana diamond set in Guyana gold.  Just perfect!
And then they were married!
And the party began!
The Karanambu Family was BEAMING!
The Bridal Party
The cutting of the cake
The sharing of the cake
The toast!
The music started and the party began!
FOOD sharing for ALL!

The students had their first taste of Cari
The Party was in FULL Swing!
Leon, Salvador and Kenneth
Salvador, Andrea, Dr. Godfrey & Dr. Carol
Salvador & Ronica DANCING UP!
Arianna with Granddad!
Father & Son!!
Salvador & Ryol
Andrea, (piglet kitten), Dr. Godfrey & Dr. Carol


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