Sunday, May 6, 2012

So what do we do when we have no guests?

It doesn't happen often...if fact this past season we can think of only 3 times...
but what do we do when we have no guests?  The list is endless. There is always the basic maintenance.  But when we have a few DAYS together the long lists come out and the big projects begin!
Rainy Season is COMING!
(actually it is HERE!)
So the first project was to fix the roof on the Main House
The leaves had to be purchased and brought in.
 It's a tedious process
And the work began
14 news beds also needed to be made! 
They were made right here, by our guys from local Karanambu wood! 
Aren't they beautiful!
14 brand new EX-Long-pillow top mattresses had been ordered from Trinidad 
and they had arrived!
If may sound funny, but people were shorter 35 years ago,
 when Karanambu first started welcoming guests!
In the meantime, we  had to move everything out of the main house, (thank goodness for the Trust House) so it was a perfect opportunity to try out new recipes on the "home team"!
Each meal was a from a different country!
Everyone loved it when we went to India for lunch, 
 China for dinner, was not as successful!

Mexico was a BIG HIT for Cinco de Mayo!
Homemade Torillas

Refried Black Beans
BEEF Filling 
(for the non-vegetarians)
Endless Cheese
Add it all together and WRAP it UP!
We can't wait for the new guests to arrive!
We need a BREAK!

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