Saturday, January 14, 2012


Myu is the Makushi word for "Self Help".  Friends, neighbors come together to work on a community project.  The "host" or community asking for the help provides a meal and Cassava beer, which is called "Cari". There is tremendous strength in numbers!  It is just amazing how much can get accomplished when everyone works together!

Karanambu has two airstrips.  The larger one is maintained by the Civil Aviation Authority.  The smaller one on the compound is our responsibility to maintain.   After the rainy season, the grasses and weeds had taken it over.  Charter flights and the RAM (Remote Area Medical) plane use it.  So we went to our closest village, Kwiamatta and called a MYU!  Friends and neighbors all came to help clear the runway.
  Men, women and children all came to help.
We slaughtered a cow and made plenty Cari and the work began
and continued
Everyone working together to clear the grass
burning and pulling and hoeing 
While clearing the runway we came across a large rattlesnake.  
Salvador tried to remove it, but accidentally sliced him with a sickle!
It was definitely time for a "Cari" break
 Cari is the local drink.  It's a beer made from Cassava,
it is very strong and definitely an acquired taste.
I think it tastes like warm fermented yogurt, 
but Salvador doesn't mind the taste!
When you see the white bucket, you know Cari is about.
But soon enough, it was back to work...a little happier for the Cari
It was a long day
Finally everyone was ready to head home
and they all piled into the Landrover
 and we took them home

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