Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Story of the Little Paw Paw (Papaya) Tree

  The plan was to build a small brick house.  On top of that house would be all of the solar panels and inside would be the batteries, etc.  We very carefully placed the new solar structure in the back of the garden where the panels would get full sun. 
When we started to build the house, there was a small paw paw tree growing near by.  Salvador said if it got in the way we would cut it down.  We have several others, and this one was small and not producing much.
When we came back in July from the States, the little paw paw tree had grown and was FULL of fruit.  
We all knew that it had to come down,
it was blocking the sun to the solar panels.  
 But the project wasn’t yet completed…
 And every day as the worked continued
Salvador got more and more upset…
"How you gonna cut down this tree?"  
So we decided to wait until there was no alternative.
In the meantime, the jokes began…
we had Green Paw Paw at every meal
(thinking that using up the Paw Paw would make it less painful to cut the tree down) 
We affectionately renamed our everyday recipes
“Solar Curry” or “Green Solar Salad”.  
You would even hear the guests joining in on the fun, 
“Please pass the Solar”. 

The project is coming to an end…the Trust house and two of the guest cabins have already been converted to solar power….so the little paw paw tree will have to be sacrificed for the
“greater good”

BUT NOT JUST YET……………soon, soon!

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