Monday, November 29, 2010

A Rupununi Thanksgiving

At first we weren’t going to really celebrate Thanksgiving.  Most of our guests recently have been from England…some how it just didn’t seem to be the appropriate thing to do.  We were sort of feeling out of sorts...our first Thanksgiving away from family and our traditions. But, much to our surprise, the group of guests who arrived were American!  And so the fun began!  We don’t have turkey here….so we decided to have Lukanani (Peacock Bass).  Lukanani is a very special, very tasty local fish. Very pricey in town, but local here in the Rupununi River.  I decided that I was going to cook for everyone!  Staff, Guests, Crew, EVERYONE.  In order to be sure that we would gave enough fish to feed a crowd, of 30 people, I offered a Fishing Contest!  The one who caught the most fish would receive his/her very own chocolate cake!

The Fishing and the Fun began….
 Martien was the winner!!

Then cooking began…
Macaroni and Cheese, Pholourie with Mango Sour, 
Mango/Paw Paw Curry, Rice, Salad

We skyped our family in New Jersey and let everyone say “hello”

We sat down to a full Thanksgiving dinner

with rum soaked fruit filling for Dessert
 Happy Thanksgiving!!

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